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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to come when you have questions about Sign & Glide.

What exactly is Sign & Glide?

Sign & Glide is your answer to affordable on-water towing services. For one flat, annual fee, you will receive 24-hour emergency dispatch services and unlimited on-water towing coverage for your registered vessel. Towing assistance is available any time you need it, and there's no membership fees or unnecessary extras like other tow programs.

How much does this service cost?

Sign & Glide covers one vessel in inland and coastal waters, for one full year, at the annual rate of $60 (excluding Florida) or $99 (including Florida).

What do I get when I sign up for Sign & Glide?

Unlimited on-water towing services for 365 days! Plus, you receive a wallet-sized service card and key tag. Sign & Glide packages typically arrive in the mail within 3 to 7 business days. We suggest you keep the service card and key tag on your boat, for use in an emergency.

How do I find my customer number?

When you signed up you should have received a wallet-sized service card and key tag. Your customer number is located on those. You can also get your customer number by calling (877) 727-4543.

When I break down, who do I call?

You contact Sign & Glide's very own call center. The number is listed on the back of your Sign & Glide service cards. Friendly and efficient dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Provide them with your location information and they'll ensure you're connected to one of our trusted service providers.

What if I'm out of cell phone range?

You always have the option to request help over VHF Channel 16 and simply elect the responder to get in touch with Sign & Glide's Dispatch Center for you.

Where does Sign & Glide tow my vessel?

Sign & Glide Service Providers will tow you from the site of disablement to the nearest accessible dock or port where the watercraft can be repaired or removed from the water. If the covered watercraft is towed to any place other than the nearest dock or port, you will be responsible for any additional incurred charges.

How long does it take a service provider to reach me?

Sign & Glide's average response time is 47 minutes. There are instances (on busy holidays or when customers are located in more remote areas) when response times can be 1.5 hours or more. On these occasions Sign & Glide dispatchers maintain constant communication to ensure you remain safe and secure until a service provider has reached your location.

Can I request more than one tow each year?

Yes! Sign & Glide allows for unlimited on-water towing every year. For more details on what's covered, look here.

Can I use my Sign & Glide coverage for more than one boat?

Unfortunately no. Sign & Glide service and coverage is only valid for the vessel you registered at the time of sign up. If you wish to purchase Sign & Glide for more than one vessel, you need to sign up each vessel individually. If you would like to switch the vessel you have on record, you must contact Customer Service at 877-727-4543.

What is the difference between $60 and $99 Sign & Glide?

The difference is your coverage area. If you live or boat anywhere on Florida inland and coastal waters, then you will want to secure Sign & Glide's service plan that includes Florida. If you live inland, and have no use for potential on-water towing coverage in that area then you will want Sign & Glide's $60 service plan.

Are there any additional fees, apart from my annual Service Fee?

No, there aren't. Sign & Glide provides payment for any covered towing expenses that may occur. In some instances, you may be required to pay for your tow at the time of service (at the service provider's request). We refer to these instances as Out-of-pocket claims. Sign & Glide Claims Service will issue an immediate reimbursement for the full amount.

If I paid for a tow service Out-of-pocket, how soon will I receive reimbursement?

Between one and two business days. Sign & Glide Claims services issues Out-of-pocket reimbursements immediately. Most customers receive their reimbursements by the next business day.

What if I arranged for towing services on my own? Can I request to be reimbursed?

Yes. If you requested and paid for towing services on your own, you can submit the information here. It takes up to 14 business days to process any self-secured claim requests. Please note Sign & Glide will not pay more than $250/hour or $3,000 per covered disablement for services rendered by a provider other than one of our authorized network vendors.

What if I decide not to have any work done at the service location where my vessel has been towed?

You are free to take your vessel to another location of your choice, but any additional towing services that may be necessary to move your vessel will not be covered.

What if my vessel breaks down at my residence?

If your boat is at your residence (on a lift or in the water), we can schedule an on-water tow at your convenience.

Do you provide on-road towing assistance, if my boat is on a trailer?

No we do not provide coverage for on-road towing assistance. However, we are happy to refer you to a number of trusted on-road towing service providers should you need the help.

What's the difference between a hard and soft grounding?

Soft groundings are covered by Sign & Glide; hard groundings are not. If the covered vessel is in stable condition, not in dangerous surf, surrounded by water on all sides, and can be refloated upon initial arrival of the dispatched service provider, then it is considered a soft grounding.

What happens if my boat is considered a salvage?

Sign & Glide does not offer coverage for salvage services. If your vessel is determined a salvage, you will need to arrange payment with the vendor directly. In most cases salvage expenses are covered under your boat insurance policy. We suggest you contact your boat insurance agent immediately and report a claim.

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