Boating is known to inspire relaxation and stress relief; the summer gives us plenty of opportunities to get out on the water. In fact, 90% of Americans live within an hour of navigable water, be it a lake, river or ocean – meaning that nearly everyone can plan a local day of fishing, sailing or skiing. However, if you are one of those lucky people who can travel this summer, here is a list of the hottest boating destinations in the United States in 2016. If you haven’t visited these extraordinary locales, hitch up the trailer and get going, because these beautiful waters will never disappoint.

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida – This southern Florida town has earned several honorary titles in the boating community. It is known as the “Venice of America,” boasting 23 miles of ocean coastline and over 300 miles of inland waterways. But as the host city for the International Boat Show, as well as the mooring place for over 40.000 yachts, this exciting destination is the unofficial Yachting Capital of the world. Throw in it’s proximity to Miami and the Bahamas, and world class fishing, scuba and snorkeling, and this is a must-see location.
  • Marina del Rey, California – Only 45 minutes from LA, you’ll find the largest man-made small craft harbor in the country, with over 4.300 boats and yachts moored permanently. However, as you would expect in Southern California, this marina is the playground of the rich and famous; and if you cannot afford a yacht, you can charter one for the day. Marina del Rey is upscale and ritzy, and you never know who you may see.
  • Amazing Summer Boating Destinations Key West, Florida – The very last island in the chain of the Florida Keys, Key West is widely accepted as offering the very best sunset views on the continent. This is quintessential paradise, with a laid back vibe, incredible fishing and a friendly “cheeseburger in paradise” ambiance. If floating past palm trees and watching the sun ignite the skies in brilliant reds and oranges is your idea of a boating nirvana, float on down.
  • Newport, Rhode Island – for those looking for an entirely different boating experience, one full of history and New England charm, head up to Newport Harbor. This seaside port of call for the America’s Cup draws boaters from all over to experience the world class sailing facilities, and hiring private sailing charters to explore the coastline is also a major pastime. Not to mention, after a full day on the water, Newport is famous for its coastal seafood restaurants.
  • Lake Havasu, Arizona – One of the hottest emerging destinations in the United States right now is this reservoir in the middle of the Arizona desert – talk about two experiences in one! With 60 miles of waterways, there is plenty to explore, including hidden coves, peaceful sandbars, and the legendary London Bridge. A word of caution for those who prefer the quiet side of the boating experience, however. Havasu has become exceptionally popular with the college-age crowd and spring breakers; party boats are a major source of income for the region.
  • Seattle, Washington – Overcast skies and rainy weather doesn’t dampen the spirits of the Pacific Northwest boating community; in fact, they revel in the protected salt water surrounded by the beautiful Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. Marinas and boating piers are often buffered by natural parks, allowing boaters to truly immerse in nature. All these boat owners can’t be wrong – there are more pleasure boats per capita in Seattle than any other place in the country.

No matter where in the country you decide to venture with your boat this summer, make sure you are safe and prepared – and that includes an up to date Sign and Glide membership. Call us today and for mere pennies a day you can be assured of backup while on the water – now get out there, and have an awesome summer!